Hi, I'm Daryl Mora,

a San Francisco-based computer engineering graduate with a passion for crafting exceptional software. Committed to continuous learning and growth, I thrive on capturing new opportunities. My dedication to efficiency and quality ensures timely delivery of innovative solutions. Let's seize new possibilities together!


Home Service Massage Booking Web Application

  • Created with Nuxt.js, Vue.js, and Google Cloud Platform

  • Fully tailored to client specifications and is currently being used at a running business in the Philippines

  • Features custom components including a continuously moving line corresponding to the time in order to easily track upcoming appointments

Marketeer E-Commerce Android & iOS Merchant Application

  • Created with React Native and Google Cloud Platform

  • Previously published in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

  • Merchants are able to customize their store with results being seen in the Marketeer Shopping Application

  • Chat functionality with Clients

  • Read store customer reviews

  • Delivery area threshold customization

Marketeer E-Commerce Android & iOS Shopping Application

  • Created with React Native and Google Cloud Platform

  • Previously published in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

  • Merchants seen in the Marketeer Shopper Application is updated by Merchants using the Marketeer Merchant Application

  • Chat functionality with Merchants

  • Multiple shopping carts with different shops

  • Rider tracking via MrSpeedy (now known as Borzo Delivery Philippines) API

  • Read and write customer reviews for shops

Amazon Promo Page Deals Scraper


  • Developed a solution for an Amazon Affiliates company to streamline the process of finding deals on Amazon promotion pages listed in a Google Doc.

  • Automated the tedious task of checking multiple products with different coupons and promotions to identify "good" deals, including highly discounted or free items.

Key Features

  • Utilized Google Apps Script to gather promo links and link texts from the Deal Checker Google Doc and organize them into arrays.

  • Implemented a POST HTTPS request to an AWS Gateway API to trigger the Main Scraper AWS Lambda function.

  • Developed a Main Scraper AWS Lambda function that parsed product data using Beautiful Soup, extracting information such as product name, price, stock availability, coupons, and offers.

  • Implemented multithreading to simultaneously invoke multiple AWS Lambda proxy functions, ensuring efficient and speedy data retrieval.

  • Used DynamoDB to store and cycle through last-used timestamps of AWS Lambda proxy functions, preventing the detection of repeated IP addresses and bypassing Amazon bot protection.

  • Deployed over 500 AWS Lambda proxy functions with Terraform, enabling seamless automated deployment and scaling.


  • Input: List of Amazon promo page links from the Deal Checker Google Doc.

  • Processing: Google Apps Script organizes the links and triggers an AWS Gateway API request.

  • Backend Logic: Main Scraper AWS Lambda function uses Beautiful Soup and multithreading to scrape product data from Amazon promotion pages.

  • Output: Parsed product data compiled and shared in a newly created Google Doc, accessible through the developer's Google Account.

Technologies Used

  • Google Apps Script for organizing and sending input data.

  • AWS Gateway API for triggering Lambda functions.

  • AWS Lambda for serverless computing and parallel execution.

  • DynamoDB for storing and cycling through IP addresses.

  • Terraform for automated deployment and management of AWS resources.

This project streamlined the deal-finding process, optimizing efficiency and accuracy while handling a large volume of data through systematic automation and parallel processing.